Welcome to your project management control center 
 Welcome to   your project   management   control center 
Effortlessly navigate your project pipeline and focus on engaged prospects in your CRM dashboard.
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Streamlined oversight of every prospect and project
With a simple and intuitive interface, you get a comprehensive view of your entire project pipeline, simplifying workflow and making future cash flow predictions a breeze.
Efficiently manage leads and projects
Simplify your lead and project management where every client and project  is tracked and organized for quick access. Monitor project progress from initial inquiry to final payment and stay on top of customer engagement with the unique advantage of monitoring customer interactions with your proposals.
Perfectly time follow-ups
Track proposal interactions in real-time to pinpoint homeowners demonstrating genuine interest. Timely alerts enable you to follow up at the perfect moment, increasing your chances of closing the deal. 
Real-time engagement tracking
Direct focus from casual inquiries to those engaged in your proposals. By revealing who has viewed and interacted with your quotes, and when, you can prioritize your efforts effectively.
Effortlessly fill your pipeline with a customized lead form link
Capture homeowner information effortlessly and have it show up right in your pipeline view using an easily shareable link to your lead form. Use it on your website, social media and email signature - or turn it into a QR code for use in print.

You are notified of every new lead, and they are ready to be quoted right there within the platform.