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Follow the journey of Che Whitaker, owner of Patriot Fencing and Construction, a family and veteran-owned fencing company in Wichita Falls, Texas.
Unlocking the Potential of Modern Technology at Patriot Fencing and Construction
Che Whitaker is the owner of Patriot Fencing and Construction, a family and veteran-owned fencing company in Wichita Falls, Texas. They specialize in residential fencing and outdoor construction projects.

The company has done relatively well over the years but started seeing a decline in residential fence projects since 2020. With increased competition and a lack of proper estimating and customer experience software in the market, Che was ready to give up on fencing and shift his focus to other types of projects. August 2021 was a tough month, as sales were at their lowest, with around $14K in total booked projects.

“I wasn’t getting estimates out to a lot of customers nor was I completing fencing projects. I wasn’t having much success with fencing and was ready to leave that behind”, says Che. He wasn’t seeing the return on his time and effort with these projects and needed a tool that would simplify estimating and improve the customer experience for his business.

Like most individuals looking for answers to problems that keep them up at night, Che turned to the internet to search for software that could support his company. Luckily, he came across Bolster while on social media. He scheduled a demo with one of our knowledgeable Account Executives, where he was able to see the software in action. Che was able to see the potential with Bolster, so he decided to work with us to build out his account.

After subscribing to Bolster, Che connected with Troy W, his Customer Success Coach, who spent time understanding Che’s business needs and goals. Together, they were able to tailor Bolster to Che’s business requirements. Within a few days, Che started delivering professional and interactive estimates to potential customers. There was a lot of drive and effort from both Che and Troy to have the system set up and running. They spent late nights perfecting the platform, so it was ready to support his immediate business needs as well as future goals.

“I remember spending hours late at night with Troy building and perfecting assemblies, adding pricing, pictures, and other important information so that our customers received interactive and transparent estimates. No other software gives you the flexibility and support to create something specific to your needs”

In addition to getting the software set up to Che’s needs, Troy helped Che identify areas where he was under-charging for services and determined the accurate cost of material and labor. This was a game-changer for Patriot Fencing and Construction.

A couple of weeks after subscribing to Bolster, Che saw an immediate increase in his sales; $82K, all from fencing projects in October 2021. They are trending upwards of ½ million dollars in sales for the year.

“The software is a huge upgrade to the customer experience. I’m able to educate my customers on costs and provide a detailed breakdown of material and labor. Customers can select the finishes and products they need, all from the estimate itself. They can even see progress and estimated project completion time online. Bolster allows me to book more jobs with accurate costs while providing excellent customer experience for ongoing projects”

One of the major benefits of Bolster is that it comes with onboarding hours so that you can work with your Customer Success Coach to build your account-specific to your needs. Once the platform is set up, there is no need to put in hours of hard work to qualify your customers and provide estimates to prospects. A simple estimate can be completed in minutes so you can focus on completing projects and growing your business!

Now that Che has experienced tangible wins with CostCertified, he plans to branch out and complete full house renovations and expand his business into other cities across Texas. He is now offering finance options which opens opportunities to provide his services to a larger market.

“If you’re willing to invest in your business and work with Bolster, you’re going to exceed your expectations of what you can achieve. If you put in the work, you’ll see a return on your investment quickly”

Overall, Che has seen an increased number of referrals and projects since joining Bolster and we couldn’t be happier to have been a part of his success. We’re looking forward to working with Che in his future endeavors!
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