Flawless Remodelling LLC

2 min readJuly 29, 2022

This week's customer success story is about Augustine and his company Flawless Remodelling LLC. When starting with Bolster, Augustine's goal was to find a software that was able to integrate within his business easily and that could help speed up his estimating process in order to eventually expand his business.

The demo showed Augustine the benefits of implementing our construction estimating software and he wanted to purchase it right away. After multiple failed payments, Augustine waited at his bank until it opened so that he could transfer the funds into his account. Within 2.5 weeks our on-boarders were able to completely build out the software to suit Flawless Remodelling, all thanks to Augustine being engaged during the whole process.

In less than a year he had 147 clients and was able to expand his business to operate in 3 office locations, one of which being in Seattle. His Seattle office began work on apartment complexes and this allowed his business to expand all that more.

Before Bolster, Augustine had dreams of growing Flawless Remodelling LLC into a thriving business across the United States. In less than a year on our software, Bolster helped him to not only reach, but to surpass his initial goals.

So, if you’re like Augustine, and you’re looking for an edge to grow your business – or to differentiate yourself from all your competition – perhaps all you need to do is change the way you estimate? When you’re ready to do that, contact our team (here!) so that we can show you why you need a construction cost estimating software and also why you need to update from Excel to a construction estimating software.

Are you ready to build better?