Fitts Construction

2 min readJune 25, 2022

After Kathy inherited her husband’s General Contracting and Remodelling business, Fitts Construction, in 2021, she was thrown into the world of construction without prior experience. As she began to familiarize herself with the day-to-day business activities and the construction industry, Kathy needed guidance so she took to the internet to find some tools to help her.

She came across Bolster and after reaching out to one of our knowledge account executives she realized Bolster was the solution to many of the challenges she was facing with her business.

After signing up, our Customer Success team worked closely with Kathy to identify pain points which included a lack of construction knowledge making it difficult to establish estimating calculations, inability to sell jobs as quotes took too long to send out as well and their presentation style that was the same as every other contractor.

These pain points were addressed by leaning on Bolster's pre-built assemblies and aesthetically pleasing presentations to allow Kathy to send out accurate, sleek, and sexy proposals that set Fitts Construction apart from their competitors. This led to more booked projects and higher profits for Kathy's business.

In addition to helping Kathy increase her profits, Bolster also provided valuable advice through in-house construction experts on matters of running a construction business as well as establishing reasonable rates for Kathy's local market.

Today, Kathy owns and operates a successful construction business and has reached this success all while maintaining a full-time job as a Financial Advisor with over 200 clients.

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