What Successful Calgary Contractors are Doing.

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Hey there, fellas! I've been navigating the waves of the construction industry in Calgary for decades. I've seen it all - booms, busts, and everything in between. But, the current housing situation? It's a wild ride, for sure. Let me share with you what the successful guys in our field are doing to stay afloat.

Diversifying Service Offerings

Back in my early days, I was all about specialization. You know, being the go-to guy for, let's say, roofing. But the Calgary crisis taught us something essential. Remember the old saying about not putting all your eggs in one basket? Yeah, that's the thing. Diversifying your services – from new builds to renovations – is a game-changer. Check out CostCertified for some ace tools to help with that. They're leading the way in our digital age.

Adopting Cutting-Edge Tech

Gone are the days when our tools were just hammers and nails. Embracing software, like construction estimating tools, can set you apart from the rest. If you've ever tried juggling numbers in your head or on a raggedy old notepad, you'd know what I mean.

Understanding the Economics

With material costs fluctuating (don't even get me started on lumber prices) and regulatory challenges, a deep understanding of variable versus fixed costs in construction estimating is vital. Yeah, it's a bit of a mouthful, but trust me, it's invaluable.

Building Trust with Clients

Clients are more than just paycheck providers. They're your business's lifeblood. Gaining their trust by offering a more comprehensive range of services, being transparent with your estimating, and using software to create interactive quotes (like the ones from CostCertified) can make a massive difference. I remember a client from a few years back who was so impressed with the tech-forward approach I took. It's about that wow factor, guys.

Networking and Continuous Learning

Join local contractor associations, attend webinars, and always be on the lookout for seminars. For example, I recently stumbled upon a blog post about the benefits of project scheduling in construction. And man, did it change the way I manage my projects!


So, that's a brief dive into the world of successful Calgary contractors. Adapt, learn, and stay ahead of the curve. And remember, tools like those over at CostCertified can be game-changers in these unpredictable times.

Stay safe, keep building, and until next time – keep those hammers swinging!