The Buying Experience for the Consumer in Residential Construction Sucks

4 min readMay 1, 2021

It's a big problem in a very big industry. What happened when the buying experience sucked for people wanting to rent or buy movies? The old method was inconvenient... the person had to get off their butt, find their car keys, drive to Blockbuster, spend 30 min looking through DVD's like books at a bookstore, try to choose one based on cover instead of trailer, can't see reviews, wait in line, rent/buy it, drive home, put it in the DVD player (only to find out it was scratched), and then try to remember to bring it back or owe more money. Looking back it should be obvious to anyone how ripe that industry was for disruption. The consumer always has the power in every industry. Netflix saw the opportunity, Blockbuster thought everything is "normal" and couldn't envision a better world for their customers (or maybe they were too scared to since it meant they had to change). If you think the movie rental industry was ripe for change the residential construction industry is bursting for change! The process for the consumer during a remodel or home build is so terribly inconvenient it is crazy to think we are living in 2021 and it's still going on the same old way. For the sake of this article I'm going to focus on the remodelling industry since it is by far the worst and yet hundreds of billions of dollars are spent on remodelling projects in North America every year.Have you ever renovated or remodelled your home? Or what about just your kitchen or bathroom? Here's how the process works pretty much all throughout the world:

  1. The consumer finds contractors in their area and ask them for an estimate
  2. Contractors take days, sometimes weeks to get them an estimate
  3. The estimate is vague, static, and unclear. Each estimate is vastly different in price but the consumer really has no clear idea why.
  4. What matters to the consumer most is missing... the consumer wants to know what their finishes will be (i.e. type of floor, countertops, cabinets, backsplash, sink, faucets, etc) and yet none of the estimates show any of this.
  5. The consumer is forced to sign off on the estimate without any clarity.
  6. Next, the consumer has to drive all around the city visiting retail stores where they try to make their selections without even knowing the impact it will have on their price.
  7. After an exhausting week or two weeks of making selections the consumer finds out they are over budget (this happens way more than you think).

What kind of buying experience is this? It sounds like a world where technology doesn't exist. Why hasn't technology disrupted this industry by providing a better buying experience for the consumer? Because the contractor controls the process. And most of the construction technology companies are focused on building tools for the contractor without really paying much attention to the consumer. Plus, it would be extremely hard to bring the retailer, contractor and consumer into one seamless buying experience. Consumers all around the world are frustrated at how inconvenient the entire buying experience is. They only accept it because there's no other way (just like they accepted to drive to Blockbuster). Change must begin with the contractor. They need to start making decisions that create a better buying experience for the consumer (their customer). If they don't then they risk being just like Blockbuster and go out of business sooner than they imagine possible. The consumer will choose convenience, clarity and control every time.I'm proud to say that CostCertified has completely reinvented the way construction services are bought & sold. We are trying to solve the glaring problem that exists around the world and transform the buying experience for the consumer. We have brought the retailer, contractor and consumer into one seamless experience focusing on giving clarity, convenience and control to the consumer (the one who has all the power). We've empowered contractors to offer an e-commerce buying experience for their customers so that they can make their selections right within the estimate without getting off their butt and see the price change in real-time.We've empowered local construction retailers to get their items in front of every customer during the actual buying process (the estimate). For the first time local suppliers/retailers can have their own digital catalog of items competing with the big boys like HomeDepot, Lowe's, Menards, and the likes. But most importantly, we've empowered the consumer who can do everything without leaving their home. Imagine a world where the consumer receives a quote and they click on it from any device and then enjoy an "Amazon like" buying experience as they upgrade, downgrade, and make all their selections.CostCertified is not just another tool for contractors. Our competitors are focusing on building tools for contractors. CostCertified is focused on transforming the buying experience for the consumer thereby changing the game for everyone involved.By giving the consumer a better buying experience the contractor and retailer win. But the only win if they get on board. If the contractor insists on continuing to provide their customer with an inconvenient way of buying their services they will eventually go the way of Blockbuster. The contractors who have adopted CostCertified in their area are dominating their competition. They win more jobs and make more profit per job. And the trend will only continue. CostCertified is the future of construction - the only question is will you jump on board now or wait until it's too late?