How Advanced Construction Tech is Changing Calgary's Landscape

2 min read

Digital Estimation Tools

Back in the day, pen, paper, and a calculator were my best friends. But now? We've got digital estimation tools! These aren't just fancier ways to do math - they save you time, reduce mistakes, and make projects more profitable. Just take a look at Bolster and you'll see what I mean. I've personally used it and the precision? Chef's kiss.

"Remember that one project where the estimate went haywire? Yeah, me neither."

Drones: The New Survey Buddies

Surveying sites has never been cooler. Drones give you a bird's eye view, ensuring every inch of the site is accounted for. Plus, showing drone footage during client meetings? It's a showstopper. When I first started integrating drone tech, it was after reading about its potential on this blog. Game-changer!

Sustainable Construction: It's the Future

We all want a green, healthy planet for our kids, right? Advanced construction technology in Calgary is ensuring just that. With tools that help make buildings energy efficient, and eco-friendly materials, the city's skyline isn't just beautiful – it's sustainable. Dive deeper into sustainable construction with this informative post.

BIM: Not Just Another Acronym

Building Information Modelling (BIM) might sound fancy, but think of it as a 3D model guiding you throughout the construction process. It makes design, planning, and execution ten times smoother. I recently read up about BIM on Bolster's article on construction tech trends and man, am I excited for what’s ahead!

A World of Smart Homes

The demand for smart homes in Calgary is shooting up. And no, I'm not just talking about asking Alexa to play some tunes. I'm talking about homes that adapt to your needs, save energy, and make life seamless. But the key to a true smart home is integrating tech right from the construction phase. This guide to the latest construction technology was my playbook, and it might be yours too.

Wrapping Up

Tech isn't just for Silicon Valley anymore. It's right here, in our construction sites in Calgary, making our work efficient, exciting, and ever-evolving. For anyone keen on diving deeper, Bolster's blog has been my go-to. Happy building!