Bolster Vs. BuilderTrend Vs. CoConstruct

2 min readJanuary 15, 2020

Most general contractors know about BuilderTrend, and now most are starting to hear about CoConstruct. There's plenty more construction estimating software out there but lately, it seems in residential construction those are the two main companies most contractors know about. So what makes CostCertified different from these and the rest? Simple... we have re-thought the way construction estimates are built and sent. Every other software (including BuilderTrend and CoConstruct) has simply digitized the same process. Sure, they've tried to make it a tad easier for the contractor but in reality, everything they offer on their app you can still do on Excel and Word. What CostCertified offers you cannot do through Excel or Word. We have a proprietary technology (patent pending) that has allowed the contractor, for the first time, to provide highly accurate estimates in minutes instead of hours. Just by entering in a few dimensions you can get a very custom quote out to your customer. It almost sounds too good to be true but it's not... there's already been thousands of quotes sent through Bolster platform and all the companies using it have said it's truly a game changer. Because we've reinvented the way construction estimates are built and sent, it takes some time for the contractor to wrap their mind around our new approach. But, once the light bulb goes on... everything changes! Imagine being able to provide accurate quotes in minutes, have 83% of your consumers upgrading, make 7% more profit on each job, and close more jobs. So when BuilderTrend CoConstruct and everyone else is busy digitizing the same old process, CostCertified is leading the way by totally rethinking a better approach to estimating. To truly appreciate it you need to see it. Book a demo today!