8 Ways to Get More Jobs for Your Construction Company

7 min readMarch 15, 2022

Whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for a few years, you know that a steady stream of projects is what you need to succeed in the construction business. You need to make sure that there’s always a new job for your crews to start when one finishes, but that can be harder than you expected. When you have a lot of competition, when the market takes a turn, or just when the weather takes a turn, it can all take a toll on your order book.So, if you’re stuck in a quoting drought, and you haven’t been using your construction quoting software nearly as much as you want to, read on. We’ve got all the ideas you need to get back on your feet.

1. Social Media

No, it’s not only for cat pictures and artistic shots of your lunch. Social media is perfect for local marketing, and that means it’s great for getting more leads, so you can use that construction quoting software to its fullest potential. Facebook groups and ads can work but consider building your network on LinkedIn and sharing images of your work on Instagram. Remember that social media is not about the “hard sell.” It’s about engagement. So, you want to grow your followers, increase your likes and comments and really connect with people in your community. If you do use social media, make sure you find the hashtags that relate to your city and service area, so that you can target your posts to the right people.

2. Your Website

We know that many construction companies and contractors don’t value their web presence as much as people in other industries. However, if you want to keep your construction quoting software working hard and earning it’s kept, you need to start paying attention to your web presence. A good website is like a salesperson who never sleeps. It tells people who you are, what you can do, and what you have done for others. More importantly, when people are looking for products and services today, they do not turn to the phone book – they ask Google. This includes customers looking for quality flooring leads in the construction field. When potential customers search for this, you'll want your company to be at the top of the list. It makes it even more necessary to hire marketing professionals who can help you connect with potential customers online and optimize for these specific search terms. So, you need to have a website, and you need to have a Google My Business page, at a minimum. That will help to ensure that when people search for your kind of service in their area.

3. Partnerships and Referrals

Another great way you can market your residential construction business is to partner with other non-competing businesses in your area. The concept is simple: if, for instance, you’re a roofer looking to get more quotes into your roof estimating software, you could team up with bathroom companies who want to get more use out of their bathroom remodeling software. You each agree to pass the other’s business card along when a client is looking for that particular service. In many cases, when people are renovating and remodeling, they are looking for more than one kind of service and trade, so this is always a great opportunity to help each other get more business. Just make sure that you partner with companies that offer a great product and service, because you’ll be endorsing them when you make a recommendation!

4. Networking

When it comes to marketing, there’s nothing more valuable than your network. It really is about who you know. Networking is a great way for construction companies and contractors to get more leads in their area, but it works for every kind of business, everywhere. Even here at CostCertified, we use networking to grow awareness of our construction quoting software as much as possible.Whether you network online or in person, remember that this is not about sales. You don’t want to be that guy who tries to sell everyone he talks to. Take some time off from sales, and just connect with people. Find out who they are, what they do, and what makes them unique. Share your own company story and tell them about yourself. Networking takes time, but when you have a solid group of connections, it really can turbocharge your construction business.

5. Flyers

Yes, it’s low tech, and yes, many flyers end up in the garbage. But there’s a reason so many construction companies still market with flyers: it still works. Distributing flyers for construction marketing is a numbers game. You need to have thousands of flyers delivered to get a few more leads for your construction estimating software. It’s usually easier to have someone do this for you, and there are many direct mail companies that can help. Often, local postal services also have flyer distribution options. One of the best things about this kind of marketing for your construction business is that you can control exactly who sees your marketing message. Target your flyer drops for the places you want to grow your customer base, and you’ll always be sure you’re talking to the right people.Make sure that your flyers reflect your business too. A professional design on reasonable quality paper will tell potential customers a lot about your company – as will spelling and grammar errors or very low quality paper and printing. You want your marketing materials to reflect who you are as a company.

6. Read the News

Newspapers are a treasure trove of local construction leads. Whether it’s a report about a flooded neighborhood that might need basement renovations or a story about a tree falling on a roof, there’s all kinds of work to be had for those who read the news. Many general contractors and other companies also release news about their latest projects or developments, and those news reports usually have contact information for decision makers. So, you know exactly who to contact for more information about the opportunity. Looking for leads in your local newspaper also means that you will only be getting information about potential work in your area, so it’s the perfect hyper local leads source.

7. Offer the Best Possible Quotes

One of the reason so many of our customers have revolutionized their businesses with our residential estimating software is that there is nothing else out there that even comes close to delivering the kind of quotes CostCertified does. There are options to add images to your quote background, and of course, your logo and contact information is all included. Each section and option also have images, so your customer can see exactly what products they’re getting. The CostCerfified system also lets customers customize their quote in real time. They can mix and match all the options you’ve offered so they can get the exact result they want. This ecommerce like experience is a huge selling point for customers, and most of our customers at CostCertified that over 80% of their customers choose to upgrade their quotes. Residential customers are visual, and they want information. Giving them that information and making it a visual experience is one of the biggest reasons our software for contractors is such a big help to our customers.Of course, you don’t have to use CostCertified if you’re already using a good roof estimating software or have a bathroom remodeling software you love. But you do need to make sure that when your customers see your quotes, they’re like nothing else out there. Because when you’re selling residential construction services, first impressions really are everything.

8. Referral Programs

The last tip we have to get more work for your construction company (whether you use our residential estimating software or not) is to start a referral program. Whenever you do a job for any customer, leave a referral code behind. Ask them to tell their friends and family about your service, and that if they refer a customer do you and it results in a sale, you will give them a cash reward. If you deliver an outstanding product and service, you’ll get referrals anyway. But it never hurts to sweeten the deal just a little.

Next Level Software for Next Level Contractors

The truth is, if you’re a really great contractor, you will probably find that you have more leads and work than you can keep up with. Everyone goes through slow patches and of course, it’s tough to get traction when you’re starting out. But if you keep doing what you do, and doing it well, the work will follow. We’ve found that companies that invest in software for contractors like CostCertified are already offering their customers stellar service. They’re the kinds of business that is always trying to improve and offer a better product and service. They appreciate the time saving and presentation our construction quoting software offers, and they know those things matter to their clients. Contractors who take the time, make the investment and keep upgrading their businesses tend to do very well in their marketing too – because they’re ahead of the pack, and it shows.Hopefully, some of the tips on this list will help you to grow your brand, expand your customer base, and fill up that construction quoting software, so you can keep taking your construction business to the next level.