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Understanding General Contractor Markup with Modern Construction Estimating Software

Discover how general contractors determine markup on subcontractors, labor, materials, and overhead expenses. Dive into the intricacies of construction estimating software and find out the standard markup rates in the in...


Green Revolution: Calgary's Push for Sustainable Construction in 2024

Discover the latest trends in Calgary sustainable construction 2024. Dive into eco-friendly practices, innovative materials, and the future of green building in the heart of Canada.

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Understanding the Data Security Aspects of Construction Estimating Software - Data security in construction estimating tools

Dive into the crucial aspects of data security in construction estimating software. Discover how modern tools like Bolster ensure your project estimates are safe and sound. Stay ahead and build with confidence


The Safety Mistakes Costing Dallas Contractors Thousands - Common Contractor Safety Mistakes in Dallas

As a seasoned Dallas contractor, I've seen (and learned from) my fair share of common contractor safety mistakes, and let me tell ya, some of them came with a hefty price tag! So lets talk about how to avoid the common c...


Dallas Lumber Price Surge: Top 10 Contractor Tips

With the unprecedented surge in Dallas lumber prices, contractors are facing the uphill task of managing costs while maintaining profit margins. But, there's light at the end of the tunnel. Here are some top tips to help

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What Is a Construction Lien and How Do You Get One?

Getting paid for the work you do is a big part of the process, so we thought we’d share some quick tips about what construction liens are and how you can get one.

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Maximizing Efficiency in Small-Scale Residential Construction

Discover tips for maximizing efficiency in small-scale residential construction. Learn about project management, cost control, and the benefits of construction estimating software. Ideal for contractors focused on improv...

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How to Estimate Excavation and Backfill

Dive into our quick guide for estimating excavation and backfill in construction projects. Learn to accurately predict equipment needs, labor hours, and manage excess soil efficiently. Discover essential tips for selecti...

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