Gain access to market-related pricing for over 25,000 construction items with Bolster's AutoCost. Streamline your cost estimation process and make informed decisions with our comprehensive database.

Features and benefits

AutoCost optimizes your quote estimate workflow with an item library that uses market-related costs, specific to your location or zip code. AutoCost provides pricing for materials in US regions only.

Save time during the estimation process

25,000+ construction materials, with pricing, readily available whenever you need to draft a proposal, so you no longer have to source individual costs for items or assemblies.

Update pricing at the tap of a button

AutoCost items added to a Bolster estimate will receive a notice when prices change, and can be updated immediately with the tap of a button.

Locally priced, specific to your zip code

Items have local pricing that can be drilled down to a particular regional county and for all 3,033 counties across the United States.